Abbie Hoffman Incident

Abbie Hoffman Incident:
Abbie Hoffman attended Woodstock and became well-known for her interrupting The Who during their performance in Woodstock. She was trying to protest John Sinclair being put in jail. She yelled in the microphone for all to hear "I think this is a pile of st! While John Sinclair rots in prison. . ." She was soon interrupted by Pete Townshend, The Who’s guitarist, took the microphone and yelled "Fk off! Fk off my fking stage!" and he hit her with his guitar. Townshend later said that he agreed with her opinion that John Sinclair should not be put in prison but he believed in “sanctity of the stage” and wished for respect. Unfortunately, the incident happened while the cameras were changing their film so it was not caught on tape but it can be heard on the Who’s record, Thirty Years of Maximum R&B. (Cassandra)