Abbie Hoffman

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Abbie Hoffman was one of the most significant and well known revolutionary political activists of the 1960's. He was a man of Jewish heritage who grew up in Massachusetts and attended Brandies University. He founded the counter-cultural group, Youth International party (YIP) which is better known by its informal name the "Yippie Party" With his loyal following of drug induced teenagers, Hoffman attempted to stop the Vietnam War liberate the United States from what he saw as a bureaucratic and unjust economic and political system. He did this by writing books about how to steal for a living (in order to devalue the US economy) and staged many protests and political theater events. Abbie also helped plan the 1968 democratic convention riots in Chicago and was arrested on conspracy to incite roit. He was tried with 7 other pollitical activists and became known altogether the "Chicago 8."

Political Theater

external image com053.jpg Abbie Hoffman and Yippie cofounder Jerry Rubin staged many shocking and outrageous activities in order to gain popularity and public attention for their political motives. These activities included (but are not in anyway limited to)
trying to elect an actual pig for president (NO! not Nixon), shutting down the New York stock exchange by throwing dollar bills off of the tour balcony and creating a riot of trader who tried to catch them, attempting to levitate the pentagon, mass mailing marijuana to random people with funding from Jimi Hendrix and opening "free" stores. In one such instance, Hoffman attempted to take over the stage during Woodstock to yell political rhetoric about a political prisoner but was physically pushed of the staged by a performer. This has become known as "the Abbie Hoffman incident" August 23, 2005
<[[>"Abbie Hoffman Died for our Sins", September 13, 2003<>|>"Abbie Hoffman Died for our Sins", September 13, 2003<>]]