Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda was not only an actress and workout guru but a political activist who felt strongly about the civil rights movement as well as the war in Vietnam. She and some other famous actors organized the “free the Army” tour, a play that expressed the anti war attitude of many troops and Americans. They took this play on the road. Visiting many military towns along the West coast, the goal of this tour was to start a dialogue with the soldiers about Vietnam. This tour provided the footage for a movie that was made later that revealed what service men and women actually thought about the war.
Fonda was also a major contributor to the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and was honored with the title of Honorary National Coordinator. She spoke at many rallies against the war and also helped raise funds for the VVAW. Then in November of 1970 she set off on her college campus tour to raise funds for the organization.
She even traveled out side of the Untied States to make her view heard. In Paris, March of 1971, Fonda, meet with the National Liberation Front foreign minister. She was quoted saying “Many of us have seen evidence proving the Nixon administration has escalated the war, causing death and destruction perhaps as serious as the bombing of Hiroshima” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Fonda). Fonda went on to London and other European countries to voice her opinion. Similarly she also protests the Iraq war. She has taken another bus tour to oppose the Iraq war. She continues to be active in the political scene opposing the war and supporting feminists causes.

Vietnam Veterans against the War

Though they were not celebrities, the veterans who came back received a lot of attention, wanted and unwanted. Some formed a group called the Vietnam Veterans against the War (VVAW). They had six hundred members by April of 1`970, and attracted even more in the next few years. The VVAW is a non profit organization and corporation that fought for the rights of the United States military veterans during and after the Vietnam War. This group was very public and held many events which changed the minds of many Americans. If the Veterans were coming back saying they don’t know what they are fighting for, how was the war supposed to be won.

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