Counter Culture: A Movement Unlike Any Other

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Counter culture first became evident in the beat generation, which originated in Haight-Ashbury. It was a time in which people rejected conventional social values and lived to their own standards. They lived unconventional spontaneous lives, displayed in their improvisational writings. Later, another wave of counter culture arose as people began to question the societies they lived in, following the beatniks. In some cases people rebelled without reason, but most times it was due to a specific cause like the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War shocked the country and aroused the sentiments of many people, especially the youths of the nation. United under these antiwar sentiments another counter culture was born, characterized by drugs and antiwar protests. Then as time progressed, this counterculture began to form into sub cultures, such as the mods, hippies, and yippies. Counter culture can even be seen in today’s society. One such instance is the band, called “The Grateful Dead”, which not only helped to shape culture in the sixties, but also spread the ways of the sixties through their music. It may also be seen in a more modern form of liberalism. Counter culture remains important to this day as it is the products of such things which allow the nation to progress.

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