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Drug Use at Woodstock

Many people at Woodstock were frustrated with the current situation in America, and therefore rebelled by involving themselves with drugs, sex, and rock and roll. Woodstock is notorious for its massive drug use especially with marijuana, acid, and mushrooms, along with alcohol.
(woodstock69.com)external image Marijuana-563181.jpg

Woodstock was a way for the counter-culture to express their beliefs that the Vietnam War was not worth fighting and that American soldiers should be taken home. Although rather than taking a sometimes violent approach like protesting, where the people are trying to change the government, the counter-culture tried to avoid the government and would rather portrey life in a way that they thought suitable. Woodstock is well known for its heavy drug use “The counter culture, in its broad-spectrum challenge to the prevailing culture, argued that America needed a sweepingly new ethics appropriate to an age characterized by never-ending global power struggles, technocracy, urbanization, environmental catastrophe, and psychedelic chemistry. The hippies saw themselves as the people of zero, the vanguard who would build a new society on the ruins of the old, corrupt one. They defined their task as bringing to the world a radical change of outlook, a fundamentally new way of seeing the world” (Timothy Miller). Drugs were used by many as a way to widen their views of their world and create a new mind-set of the world.
While drugs are illegal, their heavy drug use helped to bring people together and create a community feel within Woodstock. By joining in on a smoking session, people could come together and meet new people who they otherwise would not have met. Smoking and using drugs soon became a way that everybody could relate to each other. The community feeling which was being created within Woodstock was exactly what the counter-culture had hoped for. They were reaching for a time when people could all get along with one another and by creating a sense of community in Woodstock; they created exactly what they were striving for.external image Marijuana-563180.jpg
Woodstock “was greater than peace, love, happiness, music and getting back to the country. Each participant shared in and contributed to that almost intangible essence of Woodstock. We were in communion with one another, to greater or lesser degree in sharing the experience, the hopes, the desires, the hedonism, and whatever else” (Anonymous)

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