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Effects of the War

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Towards the conclusion and following the war, there was a large amount of disapproval of the War in Vietnam . The dissatisfaction with the war had reached its height around 1970 when 81% of the population disagreed with the handling of the war. Entire cultures, fashions, and styles were born off this disapproval. These included the Yippies, Hippies, and Mods. Furthermore, towards the end of the war the displeasure with the war had taken the form of protests and demonstrations. This physical manifestation of the country’s feelings towards the war was by far the strongest. If the public was not already aware of the horrors that were occurring in the war, then their attention was quickly diverted to it.

There were a number of reasons the public was unhappy with the war, the most obvious reason being the amount of deaths. By the end of the war, 58,228 had died in combat or because of injuries. The public found that number unacceptable in a war that was initially expected to be very short. Many soldiers had expected to be ‘home by Christmas”. Furthermore, the draft was just another blow to an already anxious nation. The frustration at the time was also another very significant factor. The military external image JumpCopters.jpgwas doing its best but the truth was, Vietnam was an un-winnable, un-fightable war. Not only was the enemy indistinguishable from everyone else in the nation, but the jungle was so dense, the visibility of the combatants was cut down to a few feet. The war has been summarized as burning down acre-by-acre of forest and killing and pillaging innocent civilians so no Vietcong could employ his guerilla tactics upon US soldiers. After such events as the My Lai Massacre, the public had grown tired of the situation and there was simply nothing the commanders could do to change it. Towards the end of the war, the people of the United States decided ‘enough was enough’. Enough damage had been done, the troops needed to get out.

The repercussions of the Vietnam War and the terrible things that happened there would take many different forms. The incalculable amount of negative effects caused by the war ranges from a total change in media coverage to the burning of a tropical jungle paradise, and even the suffering and suicdes of many of the United States’ own war heroes. Thousands of veterans fell into addictions with drugs and alcohol leading to suicides or violent crimes. The war also affected culture significantly through media, movies, art, music, and even lifestyle. Finally, the negative feelings about the war have even influenced the War on Terror, the War in Iraq, and the feelings the public has toward them today. The devastating Vietnam War would inflict severe wounds upon the United States of America, many of which are still visible today. Nevertheless, it is clear that the country and even the world suffered at the hands of the war, and unfortunately, a number of the inflicted wounds will never heal.

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Effects of the War:

Media Coverage

Psychological Effects

Ecological Effects

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