Kent State Massacre

external image KentState.jpg
Photo by John Filo

Kent State University’s iron victory bell, used for football games, was rung to begin the protest. Once the first protestor began to speak, the National Guard went in to break up the protest. As things began to escalate, the National Guard tried using tear gas stop the protestors, but because of the wind that day, it did not do much. Some guards began to throw rocks at the protestors, demanding that they leave. Protestors fought back, they threw tear gas canisters back at the National Guard and continued protesting. The protestors began moving deeper in campus as the National Guard followed them. As the Guardsmen stood on the hill, some students began making their way back to The Commons as others continued protesting on top of the Taylor Hall veranda. The National Guard then began to fire. 67 bullets were fired and the time it lasted is unsure because some claim it felt like it continued for a full minute where others have found it to have lasted 13 seconds. Two of the students killed were just walking from one class to another. The National Guard had said that they fired because they felt that their lives were in danger and that it was the only way to defend themselves. (Emily)

external image 70phot11.gif
A photo showing the tear gas.

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