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Lasting Effects

In retrospect, the Woodstock Festival truly did change the world, with concept of flower power and peace resonating through music and togetherness. With America at war in Vietnam, the anti war sentiment of the hippies was often read as Anti-American. Their ideals were scoffed off because of the excesses on other fronts. However, with the Woodstock show of strength, things did change in some ways. Hippies were not perceived as being radicals, but rather, peace makers. The traditional way of life was changed, policies were rethought and music most of all became more than an accomplishment to life, but a weapon of expression.
The last effects of the Woodstock Festival are numerous and prevalent today. Woodstock undoubtedly provoked evolvement in music with its unique rock sounds of the time. As the 1970’s progressed, the importance of song-writing was loosened just a bit and the music was created less with a view of financial reward but more through an eye of artistic fulfillment. Creativity and freedom of expression became the most powerful force in music and this is definitely something artists value today.
In honor of this turning external image afewfriends.jpgpoint in American pop culture, thousands of people still show up with their families and friends for the Woodstock reunion. People want to reminisce on a time and place were life was harmonious and mankind was generous, even if they weren’t there themselves. However, every year locals have come up with ways to prevent people from gathering at Woodstock with childish pranks and some frightening pranks. Regardless, the Woodstock commemorators still managed to coalesce in peace. (Joanna)

(Woodstock Reunion 1994) - www.woodstock69.com/

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