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Levitate the Pentagon

The organizing mass of this movement was the Mobe. “The Mobe” (the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam) which was a huge force made up of about 150 groups. David Dellinger was the coordinator of Mobe. Jerry Rubin was the project director of the march

The "Confront the War Makers" movement started with a large rally at the Lincoln Monument where there was a collection of speakers talking against the war in Vietnam. Speakers included distingued citizens like Dr. Benjamin Spock. After the speeches were done about 50,000 people marched off toward the Pentagon. Part of the initial plan for the rally was to have the people chant and sing until the Pentagon levitated and turned orange because then it would drive out the evil spirits and end the war in Vietnam. The pentagon never levitated.
external image 67PM14p.jpg
As the march continued to move closer to the Pentagon, 2,500 federal troops and 200 U.S. marshals put up ropes and used their bodies to make a wall to prevent the marchers from continuing forward. Even though the site of all the troops was not encoarging, groups of people attempted to storm the pentagon and push through the wall. At one point the crowd spotted an unguarded door used by the press but they were soon stopped and pushed back but not without some bruises and bloody cuts. With the march permit expiring at 7:00 pm a bunch of the group left but than a couple thousand decided to camp out outside the pentagon

When the morning came the march came to an end after chants at the White House to wake up President Johnson, 681 people were arrested and 100 people had to be treated for injuries.

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