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Woodstock '69

"If you can remember Woodstock, you probably weren’t there." --Wavy Gravy

General Info:
Expected 50,000 to attend, 450,000 people attended
Held in Bethel, NY
August 15-18 1969

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When the four major producers of the Woodstock Festival all got together to plan the event they could have never anticipated the wave of impact they were about to created. With an initial budget of 5,000 dollars and an expected attendance of 50,000 people, the team set off to create what they had hoped would be the largest music festival ever held. After finding the site of the show in Wallkill New York and settling on the concerts slogan of “three days of peace and music”, which they hoped would set the appropriate atmosphere of peaceful antiwar protesting, the festival started getting organized. After signing the first three major acts, The Jefferson Airplane, Credence Clearwater Revival, and The Who, the festival started to gain credibility and eventually artists were more than willing to hop on board. When problems raised with the town of Wallkill accepting the large festival the producers were forced to find a new location. When they meet Max Yasgsur, a New York state farmer who had plenty of acres for a concert the team knew they had found their spot, and so the festival was officially set to be in Bethel New York. By that time the acts were really starting to come together and the production team was able to sign their big closer, Jimi Hendrix. Despite raising concerns in the town of Bethel about the expected influx of people the team managed to keep all the plans for the show under raps, to prevent panic of local residents and to make sure their hard work would pay off. After word got out that some of the town members were trying to shut down the show devoted fans took matters into their own hands and started arriving for the festival three days before it was set to being. By that time they had landed a deal to make a movie filmed directed by Martin Scorsese the crew already had plenty to shoot. After putting the last minute touches on the already crowded concert space and coming to the realization that in failure to set up ticket booths no money would be collected up front, the festival was underway. "The Woodstock festival wasnt just a matter of building stages, signing acts or even selling tickets- it was a state of mind." (Artie Kornfeld).

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Music at Woodstock

Drug Use at Woodstock

Lasting Effects

Why Woodstock?

Woodstock happened because Americas war with Vietnam was greatly protested against by many Americans. It was a peaceful protest event that united hundreds of thousands with the music of the time period. Americans were greatly upset with the government and wanted to rebel to make a statement that America was in a unwanted war. The people who attended wanted to express the need for peace in the country, and worldwide. They felt that what they were doing in Vietnam was unjust, and the US had no right to invade in the country.


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